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Décor and Home Furnishings Care Instructions

Your finished piece should hold up well in any home environment.  However, your new purchase has been freshly painted, stained, and or waxed; therefore, it requires some special care, both now and in the future. Take the same care with your new purchase as you would any quality piece of furniture or décor.

Please be sure to read and follow these instructions.

Taking your piece home

Take precautions when you bring your piece home to avoid any bumps that might chip the paint finish. Use a moving blanket or similar to wrap any corners and prevent scratches.

Do not leave your piece in a hot or freezing car.

Using and caring for your piece

Allow at least one month for the paint and protective finishes to cure fully before placing any objects on surfaces. New paint and protective finishes are susceptable to marks, chips, scratches, and scuffs. 

After one month you can use a piece normally with the following considerations:

Coasters, placemats, or doilies are strongly recommended for tabletops or any surfaces to prevent water or scuff marks. Do not place hot or damp objects directly on furniture pieces as this may damage the finish.

Wipe up any spills immediately. Sitting water can cause significant, possibly irreparable damage. 

Décor items are not considered food safe and are for decoration purposes only. 

Unless specifically labelled, pieces are for indoor use only.  Some pieces may be suited for sealing with an outdoor polyurethane.

Cleaning your piece

Use a soft, lint-free, damp cloth to wipe it dry.  This is all your piece should require.

Do not use any harsh chemicals, furniture cleaners, or polish.  Polishes and cleaners may strip the finish and alter the look of the piece. 

Do not spray window cleaner directly on mirrors. Spray a cloth and wipe the glass.  Ammonia and other chemicals can damage the finish.

No warranty is offered or implied.  All sales are final.

If you have any questions on the use and care of your piece, please contact me.